How Do I Fix My Dell Laptop If Battery Is Not Charging


If you’re having similar issues with your Dell laptop, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’ll explain what to do if your Dell laptop battery won’t charge and how to get out of this frustrating predicament in this article.

First, let’s look at what can be causing your Dell laptop battery to malfunction. The most typical causes are loose connections or accumulated dust on the charging slot and adapter. This is a simple fix that may be done at home. In some cases, the battery driver or laptop BIOS may be corrupted. In this case, you must upgrade or reinstall them. That will require some more effort, but you can do it at home. If you don’t, your Dell laptop battery may be physically broken, and you’ll need to consult a personal specification to fix it.
Dell Laptop Battery not Charging: Wipe, clean and reconnect your AC adapter and your battery
The fastest and safest way to repair your Dell laptop battery without charging problem is to clean off the accumulated dirt on your AC adapter and your laptop battery and re-connect the plug.

To do that:

Switch off your Dell laptop.
Remove the AC charging adapter and the laptop battery.
Click the power button on your laptop and keep it down for approximately 20 seconds to remove any remaining power from your laptop.
Remove any dust particles from the battery slot, charging adapter and charging slot.
Reinstall the battery in your laptop and reconnect the AC adapter.
Switch on your laptop to check if the battery has started to charge.
Try reinstalling your battery driver

You can use the Device Manager on your laptop to reinstall the battery driver on your Dell laptop. Just log on to the Internet and find and uninstall the System Manager’s current battery driver. Then you simply restart the laptop and download and reinstall the appropriate battery driver.

Update your BIOS

The BIOS is the software which establishes and manages connections between the operating system and the connected hardware devices. BIOS is the basic input / output system. BIOS defects can often lead to no charge problem for Dell laptop battery. You need to upgrade your laptop BIOS in order to repair defective settings.

You can go to the official Dell website to update your Dell laptops BIOS and find the support page of the model of your laptop. The new BIOS settings available are then downloaded and installed.

Visit the Dell Laptop Service Center for professional help

If all the tricks listed above fail, it’s time to get a professional help. Go to the dell laptop service center for fixing your Dell laptop battery not charging problem. The Dell laptop service center has highly trained and qualified technicians, who can easily and efficiently address any issues with your digital devices. Visit The dell laptop service center today to seek solutions for Dell laptop battery not charging.

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