Dell Laptop Windows 10 Update 2021 Problems Solutions


However, certain Dell laptops are failing as a result of the May Windows 10 update 2021. After the Windows 10 update 2021, our laptop repair service center colleagues notified us that they are receiving hundreds of complaints about the issue.

So, let’s have a look at the issues with Windows 10 Update 2021 and how to fix them. However, before attempting a computer repair at home on your own, you should call a professional laptop repair agency to avoid hurting your Dell laptop’s delicate components.

Dell laptops are well-known for offering a wide range of features at unexpectedly low prices. These laptops may be found with practically any business professional or student, thanks to their long-lasting quality and modern functionality.
Dell Laptop Windows 10 Update 2021 Problems

Dell Command Update Doesn’t Work:
Several users have complained that the Dell Command Update doesn’t work after the Windows 10 update 2021. If you are facing the same issue, try restarting the computer at first. If it works fine, it’s all right.

However, the problem isn’t likely to be solved with just a restart. As per the experts at the laptop repair service center¸ Dell has launched a new update of the Dell Command Update which should automatically be downloaded on your laptop.

If not done, you can download it from:

Longer Login Screen Time during Bootup:
Another one of the common Dell Laptop Windows 10 update 2021 problems is the increased login screen time during bootup. Several users have complained that after the update, the bootup time and especially the login screen time has increased considerably.

If you are facing such an issue, try the following.

Open the ‘Task Manager’ on your laptop by pressing  ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Delete’. 
Then click on the ‘Startup’ tab and uncheck the     programs that you feel are not necessary during     startup.
Limiting the startup programs can greatly improve   the speed.
Click on save and restart the laptop.

If the problem remains intact, there might have been a problem with Windows 10 update 2021 installation. You can either reinstall windows, making sure that you update all of the recommended installable or can seek help from a laptop repair home service.

Laptop Crashed After Update:
Another common problem that has been reported after the Windows 10 update 2021 in Dell laptops is that most of them have crashed right after the update. While this is a serious issue, you can try your computer repair at home by following this method.

Perform a ‘Diagnostics’ of your laptop.
To do so, boot up the device and keep pressing  ‘f12’. The laptop boots up into a screen where you  can find the ‘Diagnostics’ option. Click on it and  let the device find the issues.
On successful completion, you will be informed  about the issues that are making your laptop    crash. 
You can either solve them yourself or seek help     from experts.
However, if the system keeps crashing, it might be  a serious fault and you should urgently seek help   from a laptop repair service center.

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